Amazon cutting back affiliate/associate percentages

Amazon is cutting the percent of revenue they pay out to their Amazon Associates program. :cry: Kinda feels like everything is getting harder these days.

Home & Pantry products went from 8% to 3% - that’s a huge difference!!

What do you think about it?

It was this:

Now will be:

Kinda expecting these sorts of things all around, but it definitely is a huge bummer!

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That’s a big bummer! I just signed up for the affiliate program and didn’t see that any of these changes in their terms. It is to be expected though. We just have to hold on and hope everything will bounce back.


Yep, hold on tight! Hopefully we’re still in one piece when the roller coaster comes to a stop! :roller_coaster:

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Unfortunately with this, it seems unlikely they will raise those percentages. I was always surprised at how high some categories were. But, thankfully there are always other options!

Yes, I’m looking into other options. Does anyone here have experience with Skimlinks or Geniuslink? Are there any other recommendations?


I’ve never heard of either! Curious to hear more!

I haven’t heard of those either, but I have heard of this one, but I personally haven’t used it.