Amazon affiliate $

My Amazon affiliate paychecks have always barely existed. I get paid every month, but just enough to buy a few coffees for myself.

Tell me your tricks for increasing Amazon affiliate revenue!

I’m not making much, but see improvements. I’m using Create recipe cards and they give you the opportunity to link products into the recipe card. I think that has helped! Now if I only had time to go back through hundreds of recipes to add those links!! Happy New Year, Megan!

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I have seen that bloggers are including product info within recipe cards lately. What a great idea! Another “tidying up” task to add to the list, right? :laughing:
It’s promising to hear that you’re seeing improvements! Do you place product links within each post, as well?

Yes, I had a VA doing that for some of my more popular posts. But within the recipe card, there is an image along with a link instead of just the links alone within the post. I wonder if that’s more enticing?

I’m sure people are definitely lured more by the visual image of a product. I don’t do this with all of my posts, but for the more popular ones I have a carousel of product images with links directly into the middle of the post. This is where I get most of my Amazon affiliate money from. Again, it’s not much… but it’s a something and it’s a starting point!

I wouldn’t suggest adding images to products within the recipe card, but the carousel that Megan mentioned is a really good option for placing within the blog post.

Within the recipe card, I think linking ingredients or tools is a great idea! It’s likely best if the ingredient is hard to find or the tool is a bit unique. I’ve seen people link everything and I don’t know if that really is beneficial, but anything slightly out of the ordinary would help get better results!

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My tip is simple, because affiliate links can be a full-time job keeping on top of all the tasks associated. Head over to the Amazon dashboard and pick up a 250x250 sidebar and plug it into your POST sidebar, as no one really visits your homepage (if you’re pulling from Pinterest and other socials.)

Every so often I’ll do an article full of amazon stuff, but they rarely perform well.

The other thing I’d suggest is to search how successful blogs do it - like Buzzfeed.

Hope this helps!! :slight_smile:

Megan, I think I’m doing what you were talking about by putting the links within the post. Here is what it looks like:

I have the amazon links also on another page where I have curated collections so it might provide an easier “shopping experience” for my audience, available here:

I don’t know if these techniques will pay off because I just launched my blog last week and it’s too soon to tell! :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, one thing I read somewhere was that Amazon has strict rules about being up front that you’re using their affiliate links EVERY time you promote a product, and if you’re not following their rules exactly they could close your account without notice.

Michelle! Welcome to the forum and I’m so glad you’re here!

First of all, CONGRATS on launching your blog. It looks amazing!

I love how you have the amazon product images/links set up within your post. I have no idea how you did that, but it looks great. I usually just use the 4-across product carousel like in this post:
I like yours better!

The biggest amazon affiliate payoffs for me are for things like the above IP cake where if someone wants to make the recipe, they NEED a small cake pan which they probably do not own. The cake pan you see in the carousel in this post is my top affiliate money-maker. Otherwise it’s hit or miss for me.

And yes, the disclaimers should be on every page you have an affiliate link!

Wow, very interesting… I just went to your site in Google Chrome and I actually didn’t see your carousel show up because I have a Chrome extension called “AdBlocker” turned on.

When I went to my site to see if my ads were also being blocked with my AdBlocker turned on, they were still there.

So the AdBlocker is blocking native shopping ads.

At first I wanted to include the Native product carousel, but I really wanted to show more than four products at a time, so instead I am embedding the code for each product one-by-one. Here’s how I did it:

Open a window and find a product you want to promote on Amazon. Grab the ASIN number and then in another window go to the Amazon Affiliates home page. In the area that says “Quick Links: Search for Product,” search for that ASIN number to pull up the item. It will show a small preview of the product, and to the right there is a button that says “Get Link.” Click on that, and then it lets you choose how you want to customize your link. In the right tab it says “Image Only,” so click on that and grab the code below to include in your post.

Some products do not have an image that is available to preview, so when that happened to me I just included a link to the same product that did have a preview image if there was one available.

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