AI writers that generates accurate and verified facts?

I used to spend a lot of time fact-checking and correcting errors in my content after using AI writing tools. It was frustrating to see incorrect facts in my work, even after I had put in a lot of effort to generate quality content.

But then, I discovered AI tools that can search the web for facts before writing content.

The first tool I use is, they have a very handy factGPT tool that searches the web
it writes really long text but there is a bit of plagiarism issues and a bit of expensive

The next tool is which is very similar to article forge and wordplay, which is a 1 click article generator.
The difference is that atomic will search the web for facts before writing content. It only consistently passes AI detectors like copy leaks and it is well priced in my opinion.

The last tool is katteb ai which is running on appsumo right now but you can only get 15k words a month with the appsumo deal. It is great for factual content but the output is short. Longshot and atomictopics are better.

I will add more factual AI tools here in the future!