Affiliates for food bloggers

how can i find affiliates for food bloggers outside affiliate networks?



That’s a great question - we should try and come up with a list so we can reference it when bloggers are ready.

Anyone have any feedback?



Justin will be joining the EBT show coming up next week and he gets to talk about affiliates. Be sure to listen in!

Hey @bennediict …Great question! There is some really valuable information inside this podcast episode about how to tap into affiliates outside of Amazon.

I’d love to hear if others have anything to share!

Hi Bennediict - I understand there are affiliate programs for bloggers to work with, including Ezoic, Rewardstyle, and MediaVine, and to qualify, you have to have a required number of page views and web presence. Google “affiliates for food bloggers” and a whole list of potential affiliates come up that you can contract with directly.

Ezoic and Mediavine are actually ad networds.

But RewardStyle (LTK) is a very large affiliate network where you can link to products from Amazon, Target, smaller retail stores, and more. You will need an invitation to join. If anyone is interested, I can refer you. (You should first be in good standing with Amazon.)

Share A Sale is a good one for food bloggers. They are a network of merchants with affiliate programs.

First sign up for Share A Sale, then pick out the individual merchants you would like to work with and apply. There are meal delivery services, cookware companies, spice brands, Etsy, and more.

All of your affiliate sales are combined into one payout. The minimum to be paid out is $50. Your sales will keep rolling over each month until you reach the $50 mimimum.

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thanks for the information. i appreciate.

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am encouraged about how members this forum respond to issues. keep it up.

am encouraged about how members of this forum respond to issues. keep it up.

Thanks for this information, Amy – I will look into this!

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