Affiliated marketing

What are best affiliated programs for food blog?

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Hi Shelly! I’d say Amazon Associates is your best bet for a first foray into affiliate marketing, or even Amazon Influencers. Are you a part of either of these programs?

Or, select a handful of products or foods you use A LOT and really love. Do a Google search for “product X affiliate program” and see if anything pops up. Being an affiliate for something you know, love and trust will make your messaging to your audience so much more authentic.

I hope this helps!

I too use Amazon for affiliate marketing. Also ShareaSale is another one I use.

I recently heard of CJ Affiliates - I have an account, however, I have not set it up yet.


I didn’t got good results on Amazon associates so I thought of trying something else

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@Shellyfoodspot definitely give one of the options @JOZmahal recommends, if Amazon didn’t produce great results. Or, it might be more fruitful if you don’t use a network and choose a product you want to promote yourself!

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