Affiliate opportunity for cooking/Italian travel niches

Our online cooking club has created an easy way you could earn affiliate commissions, and it has worked especially well for audiences interested in Italian food and travel.

All affiliates need to do is promote our free Italian cooking class coming up October 2nd. There’s no selling on your part, but we do require a a commitment to send at least two dedicated emails (or equivalent, if you have significant following on other channels).

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Participants would simply sign up for this class via online form, no payment necessary.
  • They get the shopping list and instructions in a confirmation email.
  • We host the class on Zoom and provide a replay recording.
  • At the end of the free class, we talk about our upcoming class recipes and how people can become a member of Chicca’s Cooking Club.

As an affiliate, when a new person you refer to the free class signs up to become a member, we’ll pay you $25USD commission. We pay via check (US addresses), Paypal, or Zelle within 30 days.

If interested, please apply here:

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This opportunity is available for one more week. I’d love to send you a free class to try out Chicca’s classes for yourself so you talk about it to your audience.

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