Affiliate Link Disclosure

Hi Everyone!

I’m wondering how you all approach affiliate links on social media. So far I’ve only used them in my blog posts where I have a specific affiliate link disclosure but I was wondering if anyone ever includes affiliate links in Instagram stories etc. or if that’s even allowed?

If so how do you handle the disclosure?


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I haven’t really thought about that on Social Media. Instagram is just now letting me add a “LINK” to my stories. I have done it a few times but never mentioned that it was an affiliate link. Haven’t done it that much… so I’d be curious to learn more about this too!

Okay I did a bit of searching and I found some tips online - hopefully this helps @girlappetit but if anyone has other suggestions I’d love to hear them!!

  1. "If the promotion is in a picture, overlay the disclosure on the image and make sure viewers have enough time to notice and read it. "
  2. "When you’re using videos in a format such as an Instagram story, and the video includes a link to the product or service, the affiliate disclosure should be made either on that video or before the video. "

This is from this article

I guess I might just try to put the text “affiliate link” somewhere on my stories or reels if I’m promoting something. It feels a bit clunky, but oh well.

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Awesome, thank you for this info!! I will definitely start including more disclosure on my IG stories. I already add sponsored hashtags to static posts, but I definitely need to include something in stories.

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