Affiliate Ideas

Besides Amazon can anyone suggest an affiliate partnership similar to Amazon. I like how easy it is to grab a product and incorporate it into my post. I’m looking particularly for party supplies and kitchen supplies. Also, food.
Thanks for any ideas.

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Hey! Great question.

I haven’t worked with them, but I know someone who uses Shop Your Likes, I haven’t asked her about it recently though.

As far as Amazon, it’s so unfortunate they slashed their payouts, but I still think they work really well for many things. Most users already use Amazon, so it’s an easy sell in that respect.

I also strongly encourage food bloggers to not only sign up for the Amazon Associates program but the Amazon Influencers program. Then you can set up your own landing page through Amazon and it’s really easy to link to from social and email, etc.

I have not thought about the Influencer program. I thought it was for someone with high page views for some reason. I will go check it out now.

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thanks, i’ll look into shop your likes

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Are you a ShareASale affiliate? They have a bunch of programs in there for food bloggers!

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I am but I had not thought about searching there. thanks