Advice on Featured Images

Hey there!!

So since the beginning of the year I have decided to niche down on slow cooker and air fryer recipes. SO far I have just a few of each, but working on producing more content weekly!

Anyway, I was wondering if I should maybe add something to the featured image that clearly states whether the recipe is a slow cooker or air fryer recipe. Right now it’s just stated in the post title, but wondering if I should maybe add a color coded border to the images or text?

This is how it looks like right now…

I love that you found your niche! Those are both great tools to make meals in too. I don’t think it’s necessary IMO since you have the category and the title but it’s an interesting idea to think through and decide if it could benefit you on another platform.

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What a great niche! I think as long as the categories are clear it should be okay. That’s just mho :slight_smile:

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Okay!!! Thank you!! yeah, I wasn’t sure lol, but yesssss I do make it pretty clear in my top menu that I specify on air fryer and crockpot recipes.