Ads ? until pageviews up for mediavine

I’m in the process of redoing my site from a hobby blog to hopefully a business. I have run Gourmet ads for years but I am hoping there is something better now. Does anyone have suggestions for an ad network to use until you get the page views up to apply to media vine or such?

I have been hearing good things about SheMedia. I’ve sent in an application even though I haven’t reached their suggested monthly pageviews and I’m waiting to hear. I’m at 14K monthly pageviews right now and they suggest 20K. One downside is that it’s a year commitment so, if I had MV levels and want to change, I have to wait until my year is up.

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Sounds like you and I are in the same blogging boat. I have allowed my site to sit pretty much for the past 4 years.(kicked colon cancer and long recovery) It has been running around 13,000 page views without much activity on my part.
I agree about the downside, if I can get my magic sauce (what ever that might be) spread over my site and get the page views up I would hate to wait.
Thanks for your help and idea.

Wait, I just realized who you are. You guys did the homeschool project turn food bloggers right? I homeschooled my 6 kids and am officially retired now. Which is another reason I am ready to start back at blogging hoping to turn it into a business instead of a hobby i did around schooling

Yes, that’s us. Christian loved it so much that he thinks he wants to make it into his career. I couldn’t leave him my crochet site because he never showed any interest so, while I still can (I’m 56), I decided to jump ship and start over with him in tow. :slight_smile:

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