Adding times under each recipe

Hi everyone!

I am planning my content around my avatar and have a few questions on categories.

Could I change categories from more general such as “pasta recipes” and “main dishes” to more specific such as “snacks on the go”, “recipes for batch cooking”, “one-pot recipes”, “tofu and tempeh recipes”, “20-minute meals” instead of the usual categories?

And then, I would love to add the time under each recipe (on the category page) so that the person clicking could know already how long that recipe will take to make. Do you know if I would need a specific plugin for that? I have seen some blogs with this feature.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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I’m in the middle of my audit with TopHatRank and have had the same question. They suggested I look at to get an idea of good category creation. The are stressing that my breadcrumbs are all correct with links like: Recipes/Desserts/Cakes/name of post. Peek at the way she set up her’s and noticed the breadcrumbs as you think through how you want yours. We are creating these categories to help our readers find what they need the easiest way. :slight_smile:

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