Add to a Blog Post or Create a New Blog Post?

I wanted to ask people, what criteria do you use when deciding whether you are going to add more information to a blog post or create a new blog post with that information?

I have debated this many times before and have gone both ways depending on situation. My current debate is with my Instant Pot Ham post. I wrote this post many, many years ago. it’s a great performed for Christmas and Easter. Even though I rank 12th on Google for “Instant Pot Ham”, (I rank for other keywords) it still brings in hundreds of pageviews. Competition has drastically increased over the years. I used to be one of the few.

Since I saw a drop from Easter 2021 to Easter 2022, I am looking at another update. The question is do I want to be all comprehensive and have every flavoring opiton for cooking a ham in the Instant Pot or do I want to expand and offer a new blog post with a new recipe card. I see that people are searching for recipes with no sugar, without pineapple, and with no glaze, which is not my recipe. I do mention alternatives in my current post and I could offer more. I am just debating whether it would be helpful to have a new post with a new recipe card that offers an alternative recipe.

So that comes back to our original question - what criteria do you guys use when deciding a new blog post would be beneficial, especially when it’s alternative of a recipe.

For me it all comes down to keyword volume - is there enough volume to support another blog post? And not just one keyword, but several that can be lumped together and that are different from the original post? If yes, then I think it’s worth separating things out. If no, then I would just add secondary info to the original post to make it more helpful.

When you do keyword research, what volume do you personally like to see in order to decide to write a post or not?

Honestly, it depends. If it’s just one keyword but it’s a bigger one (like a couple thousand) with low competition I’d probably go for it. Or if there are several smaller ones that add up to maybe a thousand or two I’d go for that too.

But that answer is going to be different for everybody, based on what they think they can rank for. For you it may by 5000 or 500, you know?

I totally agree. I just enjoy hearing what other people are doing! And you bring up a good point to for people to understand. If you can get multiple keywords that may have a low volume they can quickly add up.

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@eatlikenooneelse Unless the url slug is way off, I’d build on what you already have and rewrite your current post. It already has a track record in Google’s eyes, so I feel like you can’t go wrong with this unless you feel you need to overhaul the slug. Or like Taryn said, maybe another keyword could become a more comprehensively written post about ham and you keep this post just about a simple IP ham recipe.

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