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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some encouragement for those of you feeling stuck with Pinterest.

I’ve had my ups and downs, account suspensions (big glitch). I am a newer blogger, 16 months into the journey. I wasn’t around when static pins went viral, but I did see impressions in the thousands, then that changed as we know!

I decided to embrace Idea Pins (formerly story pins). I’m so happy that I did!! My account has grown from 1200 followers to 5100 since July 1st.

I haven’t ventured into video yet, so I use images for my story pins. I place a call to action on the last slide "for more great recipes, click on my profile pic and follow me on Pinterest’.

There is a way to check the analytics for each idea pin and see how many profile visits you’ve had and also how many have followed you from that specific idea pin.

I believe that this has driven up my follower count! I’ve heard some disappointment about how you can’t get a direct click from the idea pin. I understand that…but, when I looked at my Pinterest referral traffic, I could see that most of my referrals were to my home page!! That tells me that they are going to my profile and clicking on the link.

I am also starting to see a lot of engagement on the idea pins with people leaving comments and photos of the recipes they’ve made. I answer every single comment.

We’ve heard about 1,000 true fans and I’ve found one really special one on Pinterest that really has touched my heart. A woman made my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Bars and sent them to her son who is a Marine. He loved them and she commented. Then she commented again saying that it was all he wanted for his birthday. My heart melted. She’s communicated three or four times and it’s the only spot that I chat with her. To me, that is worth it.

Idea pins take about 15 minutes to make. I recently received an email from Pinterest informing me that my fall cookie recipe had been featured on the ‘today’ tab. I was SO excited!! It drove a lot of engagement with the idea pin (100k impressions) and a spike in. my website traffic.

With new posts, I make one to three static images and an idea pin for every post.
I always say when it comes to driving business: “fish where the fish are” and there are a lot of fish in the Pinterest sea :).

I know that was a long post. :smiley: