A MUST listen for us: SEO Secrets of High Traffic Food Blog‪s‪‬‬

This is the most informative SEO podcast I have heard that is just for food bloggers. This is part 2 of his study on SEO for food bloggers. The study is on 1000s of food blogs traffic from google. He compares high traffic food blogs vs low traffic ones. He explains how low traffic food blogs can rank just as well as the top 10% of food blogs. It’s all explained in the podcast. After you listen to this podcast you will understand why I am going to go with his RankIQ
He uses these kinds of studies for many nitches and plugs in the information he learned and incorporates it in RankIQ. Sort of doing all the work that I could never figure out when using SEMRush.
Pt 2: SEO Secrets of High Traffic Food Blog‪s‪‬‬
Happy SEO listening, :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing Gina. Is this Casey or somebody else?

Thanks for sharing @Ginainga Can’t wait to listen!

It’s on my list to listen today.
I also had the thought that Brandon should join us in the membership for a Zoom call sometime. I reached out, so hopefully he’s up for it!


I enjoyed this episode! Great information shared.

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My top posts are non recipe posts. And he mentioned comparison posts and I do very well with those with my “What’s the Difference posts”.

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Guys! I’m super excited! Brandon has agreed to speak to EBT members about everything he talked about in this episode. Thank you SO MUCH @Ginainga for sharing about RankIQ!

Mark your calendars: March 10th at 2pm EST! (I’ll be sending out calendar invites soon.)


Gina! Look at you!!! @Ginainga
Your #2 on the RankIQ waitlist!!!

I try and share it naturally in comments over at Food Bloggers Central and a few other wp/blogger groups I am on. I will definitely be doing a before and after with my analytics when i start using it.

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Being a food delivery service provider. I love reading food blogs. You have shared good information to us. This will help to optimize the blogs.

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