7-day FREE Pinterest Challenge Discussion Thread

This thread is meant for discussions about the 7-day Pinterest Challenge. Join the challenge here, then peek in your email for instructions about how to get started!
(Challenge officially starts 10/12/20, so if you sign up prior to that date you will not receive your first email until 10/12.)

Use this thread to ask questions about the challenge, to encourage each other and also to share wins and takeaways. Community is KEY, so lean on your fellow challenge-takers! You’re not alone in this!

Have fun!


This challenge came at the perfect time for me since I had just started to use Spark to create the graphics. It’s funny because I always thought my pin graphics were great but now that I am redoing some I see where I needed to change.

I have seen a big increase in interaction with the last 2 days of redoing the pins :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As soon as I post the pins, I get notifications that somebody shared it. And I don’t have a lot of followers so this is really great for me!


Hello Pinners, Just set up my schedule and am glad to have something new to try. I am like many others and my Pinterest views have gone down drastically. Pinterest checked my account and nothing is wrong with it, it’s just caught in the algorithm. Their message to me was “Don’t pin other people pins.” So that means no more sharing with TW tribes and some of my favorite share groups.

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@thekitchenandalatte YAY! So glad you are seeing an increase in engagement!

@Jere More than ever it seems that Pinterest wants us to circulate our own content and to constantly share FRESH pins. Hopefully this challenge helps with this!!

Ok, I just realized I have a question about Saving to Pinterest from Blog. Are we supposed to create hidden pins so we can pin from our blog?

@Jere You can either upload a pin graphic directly into your blog post and save to Pinterest that way OR you can use the Pinterest developer widget to get code to put on a blog post.

Does that help?