400 SEO tips

Here’s a great resource! I didn’t make it through all of them yet, but I love the tips so far!


Working my way through these, too. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing! This looks like a great resource.

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This tip is gold!

“The words you use on internal links (anchor text) are massively important. Link to internal pages with the terms you want to rank - it can be more important than content on that page! Conclusion from a recent experiment: Even a website, where a keyword is neither in the content, nor in the meta title, but is linked with a researched anchor, can easily rank in the search results higher than a website which contains this word but is not linked to a keyword.”


Love this one too!

Tip #256:

Don’t waste time trying to assign value to individual tactics in isolation. To get results, you will need a combination. For instance, good nutrition and regular exercise can make you better at marathon running and their effects compound each other. It is hard to get results using one in isolation!

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Researched anchor text?
What does it mean?
How I can research my anchor text?

Anchor text is just the words that are linked. So for instance, instead of making the text “this recipe” as a link, you could use the actual recipe name or keywords/phrases, so the link would be “apple pie recipe.”

Thank you so much for sharing! I’m kind of a new blogger, I say kind of new because I’ve had my blog up for 4 years but haven’t been consistently posting until now. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can to increase my traffic, so thank you so much for sharing this gem.